Unique pieces from the heart of South America

At South American Minerals Group we are dedicated to the worldwide distribution of minerals with a focus on opening new markets and channels overseas. Our goal is to utilize our expertise in international trade, mining and commerce to help develop the industry while creating opportunities for our clients across the world we have direct access to the richest amethyst mines in the word.


Our history

Almost eight years ago two lifetime friends decided to create what today we call South American Mineral Group. The main idea and motivation of the project was to add value to the mining industry creating opportunities for the local communities and customers across the world. With passion and effortSouth American Mineral Group is now expanding and growing based in tree different countries not only adding value on the mining process but also on the industrialization, desing and commercialization of our products.Our home&decor line combines the beauty of the most exclusive minerals from south america with the latest desing trends creating some of the most refined products ever made from minerals.


Sebastian Solla

CEO and Co-founder , South American Mineral Grup


Sebastian Puei

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder en South American Minerals Group


Enrique Topolansky

Advisor Board Member, South American Mineral Grup